What is Pin Spotting?

Basically, pin spotting is focusing a miniature spotlight on a small area to highlight that area. Pin spotting is a great way to show off your floral arrangements, wedding cake, place card table or any other items you want to bring attention to.

​Why Use Pin Spotting?

The most popular use of pin spotting is for floral centerpieces. When the lights are dimmed in a room to create a romantic atmosphere, the floral arrangements unfortunately tend to blend into the background. If you have pin spots on your floral arrangements they will really “pop” and your guests will be able to enjoy their beauty throughout the entire reception.

​How Many Pin Spots Do I Need?

Typically large, tall centerpieces require 2-3 pin spots each in order to be able to light them all the way around. Short centerpieces can usually get away with one pin spot if it is placed high enough above the arrangement.

Before and After Pin Spotting

If you are debating using pin spot lights for your wedding here are some before and after pictures that demonstrate it’s effectiveness.

Before & After