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ProX Blitzz Cold Spark Pyro-style Fountain Effect Machine 

WOW YOUR AUDIENCE OR GUESTS:  Cold spark displays are an incredible way to entertain people. With the Blitzz Cold Spark (simulated sparkler fountain) machine from ProX, you can create spectacular indoor displays for such events as:

  • Holiday celebrations

  • Parties of all types

  • Business launches

  • Weddings & Reception

  • Festivals

  • Indoor concerts.

One of the main reasons people choose ProX Blitzz is that they produce very little smoke and no odor.  They are safe indoors and set off no smoke alarms.  The Spark looking effects are cold to the hand and can’t produce flames. This is almost unheard of within the pyrotechnics industry because these two things are the definition of fireworks and always happen with fireworks due to their explosive content.  The granules used in our machines have no explosive content.  Our sleek design is self-contained inside a small metal box. 

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Haze Machine – Z-350 Fazer

The new Z-350 Fazer™ is the latest creation from Antari. The adoption of air pump technology not only enables the Z-350 Fazer to generate dry haze but also provides its heater a self cleaning function. The Z-350 Fazer includes a larger diameter tube which substantially reduces the risk of heater clog. Extremely low fluid consumption rate grants a full tank (1.3 Liter) to produce 430 minutes of non-stop hazing at maximum output, all in a compact light weight design.

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Handheld co2 Cannon

The Club Cannon is a handheld CO2 Cannon that produces 20-30FT plumes of ice cold fog, using liquid CO2. It is great for DJ’s, night clubs, DJ booths, sporting events, field entrances, theatre productions, weddings, special events and more. Make your next event extraordinary! 

** Co2 for Cannon available to order based on client needs

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 Co2 Jets

The Club Cannon Micro Jet is a stationary CO2 fixture used to create extraordinary special effects.

This CO2 Jet produces a 20-30FT plume of ice cold fog.

Control your Club Cannon Micro Jet with momentary power. This can be achieved by using our Power Pack,

A DMX relay pack, or simply any controllable power source.

** Co2 for Cannon available to order based on client needs

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Funfetti Shot – Confetti Blower

The CHAUVET DJ Funfetti Shot is a professional confetti launcher and its easy, single person setup and operation make it perfect for concerts, parties or other special events. Just add confetti! No compressed air or CO2 required. The Funfetti Shot works with Funfetti Shot Refill – Color, Funfetti Shot Refill – Mirror, and Funfetti Shot Refill – UV, as well as most other confetti types. It is easily controlled from the display, the included wireless remote or DMX. The Funfetti Shot includes a double bracketed yoke for easy floor mounting or hanging on TRUSST 

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